Dynamic Mobility Management with QoS Aware Router Selection for Wireless Mesh Networks

  • K. ValarmathiEmail author
  • S. Vimala
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Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) consists of numerous nodes which are highly mobile and connected to one another wirelessly. Due to the mobile nature of the nodes in WMN, the network management becomes very critical. As the client node move from one region to another, handling its routing process becomes a very important task. To perform this, a new router has to be selected from the new location and employed for supporting the client operation without overloading the gateway. In this paper, we recommend to expand a Dynamic Mobility Management with Quos Aware Router Selection for Wireless Mesh Networks. In this technique, all the clients are handled in a prioritized manner and routers are assigned accordingly. To avoid overloading the gateway during handoff, forward pointer technique is employed.


Wireless Mesh Network Dynamic Mobility Management Mesh Client Session-to-mobility ratio 


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