Assistive Technology in Ecuador: Current Status of Myoelectric Prostheses of Upper Limbs

  • Washington CaraguayEmail author
  • Marco Sotomayor
  • Christoph Schlüter
  • Doris Caliz
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1066)


Despite the academic research on myoelectric upper limb protheses conducted in Ecuador, there are no local companies manufacturing electromyography-controlled protheses. In addition, some local universities have developed their own prototypes. However, many of the components are expensive, need to be imported, and are difficult to acquire, such as the electromyography sensors. This literature survey covers relevant studies developed by the industry and the academia on the design of upper limb protheses, both locally and internationally, with the main objective of collecting information as a starting point for the manufacture of prostheses using low-cost materials in Ecuador. Document analysis techniques were applied, to the search of scientific databases. The results are justified and finally, the acquisition and advances of upper limb prostheses with electromyography sensors related to the local context is discussed.


Electromyography Upper limb Sensor Low-cost Prostheses 



This work was supported by the Research Center of the Espíritu Santo University in Ecuador.


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