Functional Model of the Head of the Third-Generation University Department

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This article is dedicated to the development of a functional model of the head of a third-generation university department and introduction thereof into the activity of a modern university. The relevance of this model is determined by the fact that it allows universities efficiently respond, integrate and, the most important, manage the processes of accelerated technological development that drastically change all global economic and social landscapes today.

The purpose of this study is to develop a functional model of the head of university structural unit; in the University of a third generation it’s not a chair, but a department. Departments are established in accordance with the principles of project and process approaches. Departments are subdivisions that unite larger academic communities than ones existing within the chairs and provide lecturers with higher academic freedom.

We showed that universities seeking to be ranked “third-generation” need a new model of a leader who is able to be a director general for a dynamic and business institution, which meets the challenges of the 21st century, and an experienced research scholar who can develop the intellectual authority of the university.

We revealed the factors affecting the qualification of the head of the university department for management activities in terms of a third-generation university: the strategic goals of the institute; quality of work performed; business qualities; leadership skills.

We developed the process of building a leader’s qualification: it is a complex of organization and management bodies that provide an assessment of the management process, the results thereof and identification of factors affecting their quality.

As a result of the study, we discovered the factors affecting the activity of department heads and proved their low efficiency using the method of expert assessments and diagnostic tools, such as Ishikawa and Pareto charts, and also developed requirements for the leader of new generation.

The content of the study is of practical value, the conclusions and recommendations can be used to improve the current system of training the heads for management activities.


Changes in university management Third-generation university Requirements to the head of the university Factors affecting the qualification of the head Functional model of the head of the university department 


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