Simulation of Aluminum Jet Expansion in Active Geophysical Experiments Taking into Account Deviation of Ionization State from Thermodynamic Equilibrium

  • Marina KuzmichevaEmail author
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The results of the simulation of non-equilibrium ionization state of a rapidly expanding aluminum plasma jet of an explosive generator are presented. The jet is injected into ionosphere in active geophysical rocket experiments to produce a calibrated disturbance. A state of plasma with rapidly changing parameters deviates from equilibrium state, so numerical simulations of its behavior were performed by solving gas dynamics equations jointly with equations for ionization kinetics. “Freezing” of ionization degree in rapidly expanding plasma jet is demonstrated. Typical rates of ionization–recombination processes for electron temperatures and concentrations obtained in simulations are presented. Influence of ionization–recombination processes under consideration on values of gas dynamic parameters is shown. The applicability of the obtained results for various injection scenarios is demonstrated.


Active geophysical experiment Ionization Calibrated disturbance 


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  1. 1.Sadovsky Institute of Geospheres Dynamics RASMoscowRussia

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