Nanoparticles and Their Role in Bioenergy Production

  • Amandeep Brar
  • Manish Kumar
  • Vivekanand Vivekanand
  • Nidhi PareekEmail author
Part of the Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences book series (NALIS)


With the advent of industrialization and globalization, the consumption of energy sources has reached a pinnacle from where the great minds have apprehension about sustainability. The focus has been shifted from fossil fuels to sustainable and cost-effective alternative energy sources to meet the requirement of the future generation. These energy sources include bioenergy in the form of biofuel, biodiesel, bioethanol, and biogas usually produced from the various organic biomasses. There are various steps involving the production of bioenergy from biomass and few of them hinder their commercialization. Nanotechnology offers a meaningful solution to the conventional bioprocesses used for the bioenergy production by changing the characteristics of the feed materials and biocatalysts. Nanoparticles manifest many unique characteristics like small size, large surface area, chemical stability, uniformity, and the ability of dispersion, and their electronic, magnetic, optical, physical, and chemical properties outclass them with their counterpart technologies. This chapter discusses an overview of the advantages of different types of nanoparticles used at various steps in the bioenergy production.


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