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Greening Hollywood – The Activism of Leonardo DiCaprio

  • László Erdős


Celebrity involvement in good causes is flourishing in Hollywood. But few of the stars are as dedicated as Leonardo DiCaprio is to nature conservation, animal advocacy, and environmental protection. He set up the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which supports various environmental and conservation projects. One of the key areas where the Foundation is most active is the protection of indigenous peoples’ rights. DiCaprio produced, co-wrote and narrated ‘The 11th Hour,’ an excellent documentary that featured interviews with leading scientists about the environmental crisis. More recent environmental films related to DiCaprio are ‘Before the Flood’ and ‘Ice on Fire.’ Also, DiCaprio contributed to a series of short documentaries highlighting various environmental and conservation topics. Leonardo DiCaprio serves as United Nations Messenger of Peace on Climate Change.


Global warming Climate change Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation The 11th Hour Before the Flood Ice on Fire 

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