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Missing in Action – The Story of Bruno Manser

  • László Erdős


Bruno Manser was a Swiss man who dreamed of living in nature. He spent ten summers in alpine pastures, herding animals, milking, making butter and cheese, and going on excursions. It was a life as close to nature as was possible in a western European country. In the early 1980s Manser decided to settle in Borneo and live among the Penan, a nomadic tribe of Borneo. Manser learned their language and adopted the appearance and behaviour of his new friends. Also, Manser supported Penan efforts to save the jungle and resist deforestation. For his activism, he was declared enemy of the state. Police arrested him, but he managed to run away. In 2000 Manser disappeared in the rainforest. Despite search expeditions, neither his body nor his backpack have been found.


Indigenous peoples Indigenous rights Human rights Marginalised people Penan Borneo Tropical rainforest Deforestation Logging 

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