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Living with Big Cats – The Story of Joy and George Adamson

  • László Erdős


George Adamson worked as a game warden in Kenya when he was forced to shoot a lioness charging one of his colleagues. The lioness had three cubs, whom Adamson brought to camp. Two of them were sent to a zoo but George Adamson and his wife Joy kept the smallest, whom they named Elsa. The couple decided to return Elsa to the wild. The pioneering endeavour was successful, and thanks to books and films about their story, Elsa and the Adamsons became world-famous. Joy and George Adamson continued their work and returned several orphaned and captive big cats to the wild. Both Joy and George Adamson were murdered in Africa, but their influence lives on. Their exceptional relationships with big cats changed people’s attitudes towards great predators.


Lion Leopard Cheetah Elsa (lion) Pippa (cheetah) Born free Elsa Conservation Trust Born Free Foundation Shaba Reserve Kora National Park 

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  • László Erdős
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  1. 1.MTA-DE Lendület Functional and Restoration Ecology Research Group, DebrecenInstitute of Ecology and Botany MTA Centre for Ecological ResearchVácrátótHungary

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