Ingrid Newkirk, Alex Pacheco, and PETA

  • László Erdős


Ingrid Newkirk prepared for a career as a stockbroker, while Alex Pacheco wanted to become a Catholic priest. Today they are known as the founders of PETA, the world’s largest animal advocacy organisation. The newly formed group became widely known after the case of the Silver Spring monkeys, during which Pacheco infiltrated a laboratory to document the violations of animal protection regulations. Besides infiltrations, PETA’s repertoire includes a variety of other tactics to help animals: demonstrations, on-line petitions, the publication of books, leaflets and videos, the operation of animal shelters, and lobbying. Also, PETA has numerous celebrity supporters and the organisation creatively uses erotic photos to convey animal advocacy messages. Thanks to PETA, more and more people are willing to accept that it is morally not acceptable to exploit animals.


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