A Benchmark for Innovation

  • Adalberto Rangone
Part of the Contributions to Management Science book series (MANAGEMENT SC.)


To understand the strengths and weaknesses in innovation management, it was considered appropriate to examine the current best in class.

The 2018 GII listed the countries in the world with the greatest innovative potential, giving them a score and defining their distinctive criteria at macroeconomic level.

Today, the countries of northern Europe are in the top ten, even though they have an entrepreneurial fabric similar to the most technologically backward countries; in this regard, in the author’s opinion exist further motivations that allow them to achieve this great result. Therefore, this chapter aims to highlight the motivations and possible strategies that have made companies in these countries leaders in the field of innovation. The analysis then focuses on the features that allow them to achieve an extremely rapid level of development—from innovative start-ups to scale-ups—as well as the conditions that provide a potentially favorable environmental context.


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