Capsule and Tablet Dosage Forms

  • Ashlee D. Brunaugh
  • Hugh D. C. Smyth
  • Robert O. Williams III
Part of the AAPS Introductions in the Pharmaceutical Sciences book series (AAPSINSTR)


This chapter provides an overview of the design, manufacturing, and formulation of capsule and tablet-based drug products. Manufacturing methods for producing both capsules and tablets are extensively discussed, and figures are incorporated to aid student understanding. Frequently used excipient categories are provided along with general functions and examples. A review of USP-recommended analytical tests is also included. Lastly, this chapter introduces techniques for formulating poorly water soluble drugs in capsule and tablet dosage forms.


Capsule Tablet Amorphous solid dispersion Film-coating Tablet manufacturing Pharmaceutical excipients Poorly water soluble Pharmaceutical analysis Analytical methods 

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  • Ashlee D. Brunaugh
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  • Hugh D. C. Smyth
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  • Robert O. Williams III
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