Consequences for Individuals, Companies, and Society

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Data analytics and learning algorithms evaluate the data of billions of people to identify patterns and build a world model that links personal data with geospatial data, product data, and company data. In the year 2030, active digital assistants will use this data to relieve people of many more tasks than they do today and to give individualized recommendations for action. The human needs for income, power, status, and self-esteem drive evolution and steer people to technological progress by means of capital. The more the services know about a consumer, the better they can support him. The more the consumer uses the services, the better they understand her. This is a welcome situation as long as the goals of the service provider and the consumer are the same but dangerous if the goals diverge. Capital controls the market economy in the sense of socio-technical evolution and must therefore be supplemented by a quality of life control mechanism. This is a task for the individual, the company, and society.

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