Supply Chain Management in Healthcare: A Literature Review

  • Tuğçe Beldek
  • Aziz Kemal Konyalıoğlu
  • Hatice Camgöz AkdağEmail author
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Supply chain management becomes more important in the developing world in order to provide a material flow with an optimum cost and time generally. Many sectors focus on supply chain management optimization and qualifications to construct a better network of suppliers for their end consumers. Especially in healthcare sector, not only for pharmaceutical products but also for hospital materials, supply chain management gets importance for service quality and patient satisfaction. Thus, there are many studies about supply chain management in healthcare to emphasize its importance. In this study, it is aimed to put forward a literature review of supply chain management in healthcare in order to give a perspective by expressing the important cases and researches which are parallel to the latest studies. Furthermore, this literature review will assess a perspective in order to understand how to manage a complex supply chain in healthcare sector by investigating studies in the literature.


Supply chain management Pharmaceutical companies Distribution Healthcare sector 


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