Measuring the Rule of Law in Mexico

  • Camilo GutiérrezEmail author
  • Joel Martinez
  • Alejandro Ponce
  • Leslie Solís


This chapter provides an introduction to the framework used by the World Justice Project (WJP) to measure the rule of law in more than a hundred countries around the world. This framework was adapted to produce a subnational index within Mexico. The WJP measures the rule of law using composite indicators based on outcomes that reflect the experiences and perceptions of the general public and in-country experts. Eight factors are considered in the WJP index: (i) constraints on government powers, (ii) absence of corruption, (iii) open government, (iv) fundamental rights, (v) order and security, (vi) regulatory enforcement, (vii) civil justice, and (viii) criminal justice. This chapter explains the process through which the WJP gathers and analyzes the data necessary to measure the rule of law, and concludes with lessons learned from this exercise.


Composite indicator Index Rule of law Factors Justice Accountability Open government Security Corruption Fundamental rights Surveys Outcomes Regulation 


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