Marketing the Mining Business Case: Best Practice

  • Michael Seeger


The mining business case needs to be marketed to mining investors and there are two key documents: the mining investor presentation and the mining business plan.

These documents need to be simple, concise and inform the prospective investor of the investment and return prospects. The mining investor presentation and the mining business plan are compiled to persuade the investors to invest capital into the mining business case. The key contents of both documents are the project summary, location, ownership, licences, leadership, geology and exploration, resources and reserves, development strategy, mining, processing, infrastructure, market, logistics, mine development team, environmental and social aspects, the economic analysis and project plan.

This chapter contains a generic mining investor presentation for a gold–silver project and a mining business plan for a metals project seeking multimillion investments. This format has been used successfully to raise capital for multiple diverse mining projects and can be applied by the reader to any mining project in any commodity across the globe.

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