Genitourinary Tumors: PET/CT for Response Assessment of Genitourinary Tumors Following Immunotherapy

  • Egesta Lopci
  • Paolo Andrea Zucali


Urothelial carcinoma is one the most frequent malignances of the urinary tract. Nowadays, immunotherapy has found a proper clinical indication for UC, either as second-line regimen after treatment failure or as first-line therapy in patients ineligible for platinum-based chemotherapy. As for other cancer types, one of the major challenges concerns the assessment of response to immunotherapy, requiring along the year the development of specific response criteria.

In the current chapter, we will illustrate some clinical examples of metastatic UC treated with checkpoint inhibitors as standalone or in combination with other treatments, by reporting the most relevant clinical and instrumental findings.


Urothelial carcinoma Bladder cancer Immunotherapy Response assessment 


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    • 1
  • Paolo Andrea Zucali
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  2. 2.Department of Medical OncologyHumanitas Clinical and Research Hospital - IRCCSRozzanoItaly

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