Formal Methods Applicability on Space Applications Specification and Implementation Using MORA-TSP

  • Daniel SilveiraEmail author
  • Andreas Jung
  • Marcel Verhoef
  • Tiago Jorge
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The usage of formal methods in Model Driven Engineering (MDE) has already been demonstrated with a significant boost in both productivity and quality in the design and analysis of software and systems. However, the integration of applicable tools and techniques for formal analysis needs improvement in order to create a practical MDE environment for FM, suitable for use in an industrial setting. This paper presents the European Space Agency (ESA) MORA-TSP (Multicore implementation of the On-Board Software Reference Architecture with Time and Space Partitioning capability) study. MORA-TSP comprises to develop a MDE toolset suitable to apply FM for early analysis, correctness and validation of the modeled software, in the context of space flight software.


Model Validation Model transformation FSM MDE OSRA TASTE AIR 


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