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This chapter situates Seldes’ ideology of the press within his family’s migrant and activist circumstances and the broader muckraking journalism tradition, which dominated the early years of the twentieth century. The muckraking movement was coming to an end just as Seldes became a reporter, but it had a potent appeal to the idealist. It was a style of journalism that was to shape Seldes’ expectations of the press for the rest of his professional life, and drove his investigative journalism and staunch advocacy for a socially responsible press. Indeed, it was because muckraking had established the press as a public watchdog that Seldes felt acutely compromised by his early experiences in daily journalism, and later as a war correspondent he saw first-hand the way in which governments used the press to disseminate propaganda to manipulate public opinion and shape the fate of nations.


Muckraking journalism War correspondent First World War propaganda 


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