European First Recyclable Façade System with Reclosable Fastener Fixation: Research Development, Grants of Patents, Pre-certification Testings and Product Publication of Façade System StoSystain R

  • Ferdinand OswaldEmail author
Part of the Innovative Renewable Energy book series (INREE)


The paper describes the project facade4zeroWaste which includes the development, architectural design relevance, grants of patents, results of pre-certification testings and the product publication in the time frame from 2009 till 2017. Aim of the research project facade4zeroWaste was the idea of a recyclable facade insulation system that can easily be dismantled after its lifetime and reused thanks to an innovative grip fixing system consisting of mushroom-shaped heads and loops—grip fixing instead of adhesive.


Exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS) Grip fixing system Grip fixing instead of adhesive Carrier board made of recycled glass Dust- and noise-reduced dismantling Reuse and recycling 


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