Background Review

  • Jean SpièceEmail author
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We saw that nanoscale heat transfer presents many challenges for both theory and experiments and therefore its study is key to deepen our understanding of physical systems as well as to solve current issues face in technological applications. A promising tool for investigating nanoscale heat transfer was developed in 1986 even before the invention of the AFM [1]. First thought as a profiler using heat flux to map a surface topography, similarly to a STM, it rapidly attracted interest for its local heating capabilities. We first review in this part the development and principles of Scanning Thermal Microscopy. Then we compare different modes of operations of the SThM set up including different environment conditions. The tip-sample system is then described with the various heat transfer mechanisms at stake. Finally, before addressing the challenge of what SThM measures, we review different methods for quantitative nanothermal measurements. However beforehand, we expose the general principle of scanning probe microscopy.


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