Benign Nodules and Goiters

  • Gustavo G. Fernandez RanvierEmail author
  • Aryan Meknat
  • Hyunsuk Suh


The transoral thyroidectomy approach has provided a cosmetically appealing approach to the thyroid gland due to the scarless nature of the procedure. This technique, whether done by the robotic or endoscopic vestibular approach, has been shown to be both effective and safe. Its use has been extended to include excision of thyroid tissue for nodules and goiters. Following workup and confirmation that the nodule or goiter is benign, the lesion is excised, given there are local compressive symptoms, or the patient wishes to have surgery. Once surgery is chosen for the patient’s thyroid nodule or goiter, utilization of the transoral approach is dependent on whether or not they have favorable features to decide whether the technique is feasible. Candidacy is individualized and dependent on the patient’s and pathology-specific characteristics. There are overlapping complications between the open and transoral approaches. Specific to the transoral technique is a never before seen complication – transient mental nerve injury. The transoral thyroidectomy technique offers an alternative to the open technique, one that is safe as well as cosmetically pleasing. This chapter summarizes up-to-date information on benign thyroid nodules and goiters with respect to the indicated application of the transoral approach.


Transoral thyroid surgery Endoscopic thyroidectomy Robotic thyroidectomy Benign thyroid nodule Indeterminate thyroid nodule Goiter Multinodular goiter 


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