Alternative Remote Access Approaches to Endocrine and Neck Surgery

  • Meghan E. GarstkaEmail author
  • David J. Terris
  • Emad Kandil


Application of robotic-assisted technology to thyroid and parathyroid surgeries resulted in the development of multiple extracervical remote access approaches. Although many techniques have been developed and utilized worldwide, historically, the two most commonly used robotic-assisted extracervical approaches in the United States are the transaxillary and retroauricular “facelift” procedures. This chapter details patient selection criteria, equipment needed, and procedural steps for robotic-assisted transaxillary and retroauricular thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Herein, we discuss current trends and the spectrum of pathology which can be treated successfully via robotic-assisted transaxillary and retroauricular approaches as surgeons have become increasingly familiar with these techniques.


Transaxillary approach Retroauricular approach Facelift approach Extracervical approach Robotic-assisted surgery 


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