Challenges for Deepwater Operations: An Industry Perspective

  • Daniel MottaEmail author
  • Leone Andrade
  • Luiz Brêda Mascarenhas
  • Valter E. Beal
Part of the Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering book series (ISCA, volume 96)


The modern society demands goods and services that require resources as minerals and hydro carbonates. Despite the research and development of new energy sources, the exploration and processing of the current available resources are necessary for many countries. Nevertheless, there are many challenges for reducing the negative environmental impact and even reversing it on a competitive commercial scenario. In this context, industries are continuously looking for new technologies to turn their business more environmental friendly while being profitable and safer at the same time. One alternative industries are facing is to explore new fields for production. Additionally, there are also opportunities to reduce operational costs of current production fields. These are at current the challenges that Oil and Gas and Mining industries are facing in terms of deepwater explorations and operations. In this chapter, the technological challenges to meet the underwater environment requirements are discussed and an integrated multidisciplinary strategic long-term plan to increase the technology maturity and its general applicability is proposed.


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  • Luiz Brêda Mascarenhas
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