Genre Preferences Among the Benin Video-Film Audience in Nollywood

  • Osakue Stevenson Omoera


This chapter employs both quantitative and qualitative methods to examine genre preferences among the Benin video-film audience, using Benin City as a study site. Relevant data were gathered from 132 respondents, using a 15-item questionnaire which was randomly administered in Benin City. The results indicate that the sampled Benin video-film audiences are commonly enamoured with different genres of films—comic, epic, social commentary, Christian and musical video—which have more or less provided them with a gratifying cultural space for the deepening of their understanding of the Benin language, learning and teaching Benin values and mores, as well as relishing the heroic exploits of their forebears. The Benin video-film audience, like the larger Nollywood audience, can be said to be non-discriminatory in terms of genre preferences.



I wish to thank Prof. Augustine H. Asaah, the editor of Legon Journal of Humanities (LJH) and his group of anonymous reviewers and Prof Bala A. Musa and his team, whose comments have greatly enhanced the quality of this work.

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