Nollywood and the Glocalization of Prosocial Entertainment

  • Bala A. MusaEmail author


Artistes have always served the functions of conscientizing educating, mobilizing, awakening, challenging, confronting, pacifying, calming, narcotizing, and uniting society among other roles. These functions have been performed by traditional entertainers and performers, from ancient griots to modern media practitioners. This chapter looks at how Nollywood is continuing this tradition of balancing entertaining and emotional escape with tackling important social, cultural, political, and economic issues. Themes in Nollywood movies demonstrate that writers, producers, actors, and actresses use the medium to reach local and global audiences with prosocial entertainment. This approach to entertainment is a way of administering bitter, but necessary pills to the audience, in ways that would be unpalatable otherwise. It examines how criticisms of social ills such as corruption, domestic abuse, injustice, nepotism, etc., are conveyed in Nollywood movies. It looks at the glocal consequences and implications of presenting these subjects through this medium, and recommends ways to better harness its potential.

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