Necessities and Expectations in Regard to Dobrudja’s Rural Youth Access to Higher Education

  • Rodica Gabriela EnacheEmail author
  • Mariana Floricica Călin
  • Enache Tușa
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 247)


In this chapter, we aim to analyze the particularities of the psycho-educational profile of young people from rural communities in the Romania’s Dobrudja region, their professional values and interests as well as the factors that determine their access to studies through university education or professional orientation. In order to obtain a relevant analysis of the results, qualitative research was carried out on the basis of a sample represented by 600 pupils aged 16–20 years in the FDI project, funded by the Romanian Ministry of National Education through the Institutional Development Fund under the project “Gaudeamus Igitur - Equal opportunities for education”.


Access to education Equal opportunities for university education Vocational counseling 


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  • Mariana Floricica Călin
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  • Enache Tușa
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