Sliding Mode Control of DC/DC Power Converters

  • Jianxing LiuEmail author
  • Yabin Gao
  • Yunfei Yin
  • Jiahui Wang
  • Wensheng Luo
  • Guanghui Sun
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 249)


In the previous chapters, we have successfully designed adaptive HOSM based observers for state observation and FDI of the PEM fuel cell systems. We now turn our attention towards the power side of the PEMFC. In fact, the PEMFC itself has severe dynamic limitations due to the time response of fuel flow and fuel delivery systems (hydrogen and air feed systems) [23]. In order for a PEMFC power system to be employed in varying load applications like electrical vehicles, storage elements with fast response time need to be integrated into the system.


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