Ethics: “How I Feel at the Time”

  • Reinhold KramerEmail author


When pressed, many people now claim that moral choices depend on “How-I-Feel,” a stance that coheres with the postmodernist notion that human ethics have no foundation. Kramer shows that traditional faiths and modernist reasoners (usually consequentialist) have struggled to respond satisfyingly to the postmodern dilemma, the lack of agreement about ethics. But he also argues that postmodernist scepticism fails to account for evolution-based ethical universals and for the increasing agreement about human rights, often arising out of faith traditions. After examining the weaknesses of Zygmunt Bauman’s “other”-based ethics and also market-based ethics as they respond to the postmodern dilemma, Kramer argues that in practice postmodernity is marked by a provisional consensus about contractarian processes and human rights duties.

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