Original Meaning and Vision of Mimic Defense

  • Jiangxing Wu
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DHR, as an innovative and simplified system architecture, can provide general robust control which is not seen in a conventional mode. Not relying on any a priori knowledge and additional security support, it can normalize all uncertain disturbances caused by random faults or attacks based on vulnerabilities or backdoors as classic reliability problems and handle them in the same approach. With its inherent “uncertainty” effect, the DHR framework has an intrinsic defensive function—“invisibility.” Such invisibility is related not only to the redundancy, heterogeneity, and multimode output vector grammar and semantic abundance of the executors under functional equivalence conditions but also to the multimode decision algorithm set; the executor scheduling policy; the cleaning, restoration, and reorganization and restructuring mechanism; as well as the application of traditional security technology. So now the question is: what driving mechanism and gaming strategy should be adopted to get the desired endogenous security defense effect? The earth biosphere that has been naturally evolving for hundreds of millions of years usually provides a perspective of solving the problem and enlightening us on our creative thinking.


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