Description of the Test Cases

  • Gabriel Bugeda
  • Jacques Périaux
  • Ning Qin
  • Jordi Pons-PratsEmail author
Part of the Computational Methods in Applied Sciences book series (COMPUTMETHODS, volume 52)


The high-level objective of MARS project was to understand the formation and behaviour of turbulent structures which affects the Reynolds stress and skin friction. The aim was, once understood, to apply flow control techniques in order to control these structures and reduce the overall drag derived from the Reynolds stress and mainly from the skin friction. Active flow control devices were the main interest; DBD plasma, Synthetic jets, Micro Blowing and Suction, Moving Surfaces were included on the list. To test all these devices, two test cases were defined, and a database and file repository were established in the project webserver. The present chapter is aimed to describe the test cases, including the set-up of the flow control devices, as well as to describe the file repository were all the data was stored.


MARS Reynolds stress Skin friction Drag reduction Separation control Flow control DBD plasma Synthetic jets Blowing and suction Slots Synthetic Vortex Generator Fluidric Vortex Generator Moving Surface Backward facing step NACA0015 


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