The Use of Fat Grafting for Chronic Headache of Cervical Origin Treatment

  • Marco KlingerEmail author
  • Luca Maione
  • Francesco Klinger
  • Silvia Giannasi


Chronic headache of cervical origin (chronic cervicogenic headache and occipital neuralgia) is characterized by persistent pain due to great occipital nerve entrapment within the trapezoid tunnel, with concurrent myofascial spasm. Symptoms are often impairing, thus influencing everyday activities and decreasing the quality of life. A great number of surgical and nonsurgical options have been proposed even though recurrence rate and failure of the therapy remain considerable. Regenerative surgery might represent in selected cases as an excellent solution especially for recurrent cases as a second-line approach after pharmacological treatment failure. In the present chapter, we report our experience with autologous fat grafting for occipital neuralgia treatment, and we describe the operative technique, outcomes, and future perspectives.


Chronic cervical headache Fat grafting Regenerative surgery Migraine Occipital neuralgia 


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  • Silvia Giannasi
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