Sustainability and Adequacy of Pension Systems Across the OECD: Shocks, Robustness and Policies

  • Falilou FallEmail author
Part of the Financial and Monetary Policy Studies book series (FMPS, volume 48)


Demographic developments are unfavourable for the financing of pension schemes in most OECD countries, implying continued growth in pension expenditure in virtually all OECD countries. This chapter examines the vulnerability of pension systems, with an emphasis on financial sustainability and adequacy. Policy trade-offs and complementarities are reviewed and flanking policies, which could underpin successful pension reforms, are examined. Automatic adjustment mechanisms are highlighted, as are the roles of prudential regulation and buffer or reserve funds in the case of shocks.

JEL Classification

H55 H75 J32 


Pension Defined-benefit schemes Defined-contribution schemes Pension sustainability Ageing 


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