Large Deformation Support for Engineering Soft Rocks

  • He ManchaoEmail author
  • Gao Yubing
  • Gong Weili


This chapter focuses on engineering soft rock roadway reinforcement using NPR bolt/cable. The working principle and theoretical fundamental of the NPR bolt were analyzed. NPR bolt has a compound structure consisting of a cone-like piston sliding inside of an elastically deformable sleeve pipe, thus causing the bolt to have extraordinarily large elongation and high constant axial resistance. Static pull-out experiment, SHPB impact experiment and drop impact experiment were conducted in the laboratory to explore the characteristics of the bolt. Results show that the NPR bolt is robust for static and dynamic loads. Finally, the NPR bolt/cable was used to reinforce typical engineering soft rock roadways under different geological conditions in 110 mining method. The field test verified that the designed NPR bolt/cable could maintain the roadway stability in the entire entry retaining process.


Engineering soft rock NPR support structure Energy absorbing cable 110 mining method 


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