Uterine Polyps

  • José Metello
  • João Mairos


Uterine polyps are focal hyperplastic growths protruding from the uterine inner lining covered by epithelium. Most often they are benign with a reported incidence of carcinoma clearly below 5%.

The prevalence of endometrial polyps varies between 10% in young asymptomatic population, around 15.3% in infertile patients, and over 25% in patients presenting with abnormal uterine bleeding. The etiology is unknown and probably multifactorial.


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Gigantic polyp (MP4 16539 kb)

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Polypectomy with versapoint—office hysteroscopy (MP4 16241 kb)

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Polypectomy and essure—office hysteroscopy (WMV 31760 kb)

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Gigantic polyp and versapoint—office hysteroscopy (WMV 85986 kb)

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Massive polyp—office hysteroscopy (WMV 115205 kb)

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