A Comprehensive Review on Face Recognition Methods and Factors Affecting Facial Recognition Accuracy

  • Shahina AnwarulEmail author
  • Susheela Dahiya
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As of late, the need for biometric security framework is elevated for giving safety and security against frauds, theft, and so on. Face recognition has gained a significant position among all biometric-based systems. It can be used for authentication and surveillance to prove the identity of a person and detect individuals, respectively. In this paper, a point-by-point outline of some imperative existing strategies which are accustomed to managing the issues of face recognition has been introduced along with their face recognition accuracy and the factors responsible to degrade the performance of the study. In the first section of this paper, different factors that degrade the facial recognition accuracy have been investigated like aging, pose variation, partial occlusion, illumination, facial expressions, and so on. While in the second section, different techniques have been discussed that worked to mitigate the effect of discussed factors.


Face detection Face recognition Biometric security framework Authentication Surveillance 


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