Internet of Things-Based Hardware and Software for Smart Agriculture: A Review

  • Brij Bhushan SharmaEmail author
  • Nagesh Kumar
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Smart agriculture with IoT (Internet of things) gives rise to agribusiness and may fulfill the demand of food in the world. Agribusiness will become more productive when IoT is introduced. As the farmers are becoming more aware to IoT, the possibility of introducing new technologies is gaining momentum in agribusiness. The IoT is highly efficient, accessible, persistent and of exposed nature. The farmers may use sensors for monitoring the crops, soil and also analyze the crop production. This will give boost up to precision agriculture. The information about farms like temperature, moisture level and soil mineral level, pH value of soil and air quality can be collected remotely by using IoT on smartphones or computer systems. Today’s IoT techniques and devices are so advanced and are mainly application dependent providing smart systems to be deployed in specific areas. In this paper, a review of IoT devices and protocols is presented and it also throws light on issues arise during the implementation of IoT in agriculture.


IoT Agriculture Agribusiness Smart systems Sensors 


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