R++, User-Friendly Statistical Software

  • Christophe GenoliniEmail author
  • Emmanuel Dubois
  • David Furió
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Statistical analysis is gradually entering all areas of society, be in academia or in the private sector. Statistical software is used by statisticians but also by non-experts (medical doctors, psychologists...). Unfortunately, this kind of software is integrated into obsolete interfaces that completely ignore the principles of HCI and are poorly adapted to non-expert users.

R++ project aims to develop a modern statistical analysis software program integrated into a user-friendly interface. In this paper, we present the methodology that led us to the design of R++. We also give two examples that this methodology allowed us to achieve.


Statistical analysis Video prototyping R++ 

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  • Christophe Genolini
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  • Emmanuel Dubois
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  • David Furió
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  2. 2.IRIT-LIIHSToulouse Cedex 4France

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