Domestic Violence and Abuse and Working with Other Agencies

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  • Parveen Ali


Dealing with domestic violence and abuse (DVA) requires a coordinated effort from various professionals and diverse organisations as DVA exerts a significant and detrimental impact on the lives and health of those who experience abuse, and on wider family members and especially children if any. Healthcare professional have to refer DVA victim-survivors (as well as DVA perpetrators) to other organisations and therefore, need to be aware of the importance, need and complexities of working with other professionals and organisations. This chapter aims to explore role of professionals and organisations in supporting victims of DVA.


Multiagency Multidisciplinary Agencies Domestic violence and abuse 



We would like to thank Hannah Hogg, Safeguarding Lead (Corporate).

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for providing the text for Box 9.1 in this chapter.

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