All Inside Broström Arthroscopic Procedure

  • Francesco Allegra
  • Edoardo Barberini
  • Stefano Carli


Chronic ankle instability is a joint disorder that is managed by different surgical treatments. In the literature, some advocate primary repair of remaining ligament portions, and others espouse ligament reconstruction with tendon transfers, grafting, or synthetic materials. Several techniques have been proposed with the traditional open approach anatomic reconstruction with or without the use of anchors. Further ankle disorders caused by and associated with joint instability frequently present in any articular compartment and are preferably treated with arthroscopy. Therefore, this procedure assumes a main role in the care of secondary symptomatic pathologies. The modified Broström repair is the method of choice for primary open operative treatment for chronic ankle instability. Recently, it has been proposed that this procedure be performed by arthroscopic technique, using dedicated portals to complete all the modified steps.



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