Rehabilitation Design and Construction of an RC Arch Bridge

  • “Leon” Lung-Yang LaiEmail author
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Part of the Structural Integrity book series (STIN, volume 11)


This paper summarizes the highlights of rehabilitation design and construction of a reinforced concrete arch bridge. The bridge consists of five open-spandrel arch spans and nine closed-spandrel arch spans, with a total structure length of 420 m and an out-to-out width of 24.4 m. The bridge was originally constructed in 1913 and has exhibited deteriorations in many structural members, including the arch ribs, spandrel columns, arch barrels, and concrete floorbeams. Load rating analyses were conducted to determine the capacity of the bridge for the current design loadings based on the as-inspected condition. Additional analyses were also conducted for staged construction, temperature effects, and additional defects during reconstruction due to construction. The load rating analyses for the arches and spandrel columns are based on strain compatibility (P-M capacity interaction curves). The floorbeams exhibited concrete spalls and exposed reinforcing rebars at the midspan. The lap lengths of the reinforcing steels were determined to be insufficient, which resulted in low ratings of the floorbeams based on the as-inspected condition. The floorbeams were therefore needed to be replaced.


Arch Design Rehabilitation Construction 


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