Classification of Construction Methods of Arch Bridges

  • Manyop HanEmail author
  • Byungsuk Kim
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Part of the Structural Integrity book series (STIN, volume 11)


Construction methods of arch bridge can be classified mainly by the type of arch bridge, supporting and erecting methods. Typical construction methods are summarized in a table as six groups by supporting and erecting methods. Methods of using temporary support, using cable stay to hold arch rib, swing arch rib horizontally or vertically, launching whole arch bridge horizontally, lifting whole arch bridge vertically over water and other methods such as casting precast concrete arch rib in laying down posture, and steel tube encased in concrete are included. For the long span arch bridge, using steel tube can be economical option for arch rib. Each erection method can be selected depending on the site condition, and if a proper construction method is selected, the construction cost can be reduced significantly.


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