Cable-Stiffened Hinged Arch Bridges

  • João FonsecaEmail author
  • Clemente Pinto
Conference paper
Part of the Structural Integrity book series (STIN, volume 11)


The present article intends to divulge an innovative concept for large span bridges with articulated slender arch and thin deck. Definitive prestressed ties, connected between the arch and the foundations, are used to stabilize the hinged arch, mobilizing external reactions. The ties are prestressed in order to remain tensioned under the effect of external actions, ensuring effective addition of stiffness both in tension and in relative compression. The prestressed ties are true pillars for the traffic variable actions, for which the arch has not anti-funicular shape. The viability of the solution is demonstrated with a practical example for a railway bridge with span L = 400 m.


Arch bridge Long span Conceptual design Hinged arch 


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