Right Scaling for Right Pricing: A Case Study on Total Cost of Ownership Measurement for Cloud Migration

  • Pierangelo RosatiEmail author
  • Frank Fowley
  • Claus Pahl
  • Davide Taibi
  • Theo Lynn
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1073)


Cloud computing promises traditional enterprises and independent software vendors a myriad of advantages over on-premise installations including cost, operational and organizational efficiencies. The decision to migrate software configured for on-premise delivery to the cloud requires careful technical consideration and planning. In this chapter, we discuss the impact of right-scaling on the cost modelling for migration decision making and price setting of software for commercial resale. An integrated process is presented for measuring total cost of ownership, taking in to account IaaS/PaaS resource consumption based on forecast SaaS usage levels. The process is illustrated with a real world case study.


Cloud migration Total cost of ownership Pricing Architecture migration Software producer 



The research work described in this chapter was supported by the Irish Centre for Cloud Computing and Commerce, an Irish National Technology Centre funded by Enterprise Ireland and the Irish Industrial Development Authority.


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