Furfural—A Promising Symbiotic Business Model for Integrated Biorefinery

  • Ravindra PogakuEmail author


Society demands for a sustainable production of chemicals, polymers integrated biorefinery and biofuels. It is estimated that lignocellulosic biomass can be an alternative to replace oil as a primary feedstock. Furfural has the advantage of being already a commercial reality and more interestingly, a myriad of many others, including biofuels, has been reported to be technically possible. This book chapter entitled “ FurfuralA Promising symbiotic business model for Integrated biorefinery” is aimed at to serve to a wide cross section of readers, including industrial professional, policymakers, academic researchers and also beginners in the world of the furfural proceeses and products. A brief details about Furfural structure, physical properties and synthesis, Furfural products and applications, Future Prospects and Challenges are outlined in the chronlogical order. Further, a Furfural Consortium business symbiotic model is proposed based on interactive deliberations with all the stakeholders of the society.


Furfural Business model Integrated biorefinery Bioenergy Symbiotic model 


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