Research and Application of Big Data Correlation Analysis in Education

  • Du BoEmail author
  • Li Ai
  • Yuan Chen
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1035)


How to adjust the training and construction plan for the college faculty and improve their capacity or education and instruction in Chinese universities is an urgent problem to be explored and solved under the background of education big data. In the era of big data, relevant analysis has received extensive attention because of its ability to discover the intrinsic associations between things quickly and efficiently, and has been effectively applied to various fields. In this paper, we are based on the data of 2018 senior professional title defense in several Chinese universities to analyze the correlation between the respondent’s grades and ages, education and majors by using big data correlation mining technology. The purpose is to explore the status quo and problems of teachers’ talent team construction, and then find a suitable way for the construction and training of college teachers in the era of big data.


Correlation analysis Education big data Teachers team construction Senior title defense 


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