Are We Losing Our Profession Through the Loss of Leadership?

  • Dean C. TaylorEmail author


Individually, each of us must accept responsibility to be effective, ethical leaders. We have to continually learn to be better leaders, just as we continually learn to be technically better surgeons. Organizationally, ISAKOS and all professional entities must work diligently to create cultures that are unwaveringly committed to leadership education and support ethical leadership competencies. We need to intentionally emphasize, just as we emphasize surgical technique education, educational offerings on leadership competencies such as teamwork and emotional intelligence, which will lead to better patient care. We need to create patient-centered cultures that promote selfless service and are steadfast in upholding integrity. If we do not intentionally commit to patient-centered, ethical leadership, then we become technicians answering to managers, and my greatest concern will be realized—there will no longer exist a Sports Medicine profession to lead.


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