Exploring World Faiths in Museum Collections: The Example of the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

  • Jenny Siung
Part of the Heritage Studies in the Muslim World book series (HSMW)


The Chester Beatty Library is a unique art museum and library situated in the centre of Dublin, Ireland. The rich collection of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1875–1968), which in an Irish context is one of a kind, originates from across Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Intercultural dialogue and learning plays a key role in the library’s mission and encourage visitors to compare, contrast and explore the historical, cultural, scientific and religious aspects of its collections. This work was celebrated in the Museums as Places for Intercultural Dialogue and Learning seminar in 2014 and in a one-day symposium exploring The Role of National Museums (Re)Negotiating National Identity in response to the Ireland 2016 programme. This chapter looks at the following: how museums can address cultural diversity through their collections; how to partner with learning institutions and organisations in the development of key learning resources with particular focus on world faiths; and how to involve pupils and teachers.


Unique Irish museum Multi-ethnic communities Intercultural dialogue Diverse cultures Learning 


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