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Conversion from Sleeve to Bypass

  • Alcides José Branco Filho
  • André Thá Nassif


It is estimated that at least approximately 10% of the sleeve gastrectomies (SG) present a therapeutic failure to the point of requiring revision surgery. Some longterm results shows higher rates up to 40 %. With the increase of bariatric surgery and proportionately of the SG, there is a tendency of the conversion from SG to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) to become one of the most common revisional surgeries. It is indicated mainly in cases of intractable gastroesophageal reflux and post-SG complications such as fistula and stenosis, but it has also been used for failure of weight loss and persistence of metabolic diseases. Technically it is a surgery similar to a primary RYGB with the gastric time and intestinal time but with the possible difficulties of a previous approach. For this reason it has a slightly higher rate of complications such as bleeding and fistulas but without increasing mortality. The conversion of SG to RYGB is considered a feasible, safe, and good technique between the options of revisional surgeries.


Revisional surgery Sleeve to bypass Sleeve Sleeve failure Reflux Weight regain Sleeve complications Conversion to bypass Bypass 


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  • André Thá Nassif
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