International Expertise and the Diplomacy of Influence

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The diplomacy of influence is multidimensional, and international expertise lies at its very core. An influence strategy needs expertise at various levels: to shape it, to implement it, and to counter the influence of other states and entities. It comprehends political, economic, and intellectual dimensions and involves many players, hardly limited to diplomatic chancelleries: intellectuals, academia, businesspersons, experts in the fields, journalists, bloggers, MPs, NGOs, etc. The same are also the targets of such a strategy. The diplomacy of influence goes through numerous channels, notably international organizations, think tanks, international forums, parliamentary assemblies, media, and social media. Thus, the diplomacy of influence is more complex than ever and needs more means, but also a clear vision of the goals, that requires a coordination of its numerous actors. This strategy has to be decided at highest level and articulated in terms of time and space. The diplomacy of influence is also part of the global war of information with a tremendous impact on the image of a country, its ability to take action, and its diplomatic and economic power.

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