Globally Optimal Object Pose Estimation in Point Clouds with Mixed-Integer Programming

  • Gregory IzattEmail author
  • Hongkai Dai
  • Russ Tedrake
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Advanced Robotics book series (SPAR, volume 10)


Motivated by the limitations of local object trackers, we present a formulation of the underlying point-cloud object pose estimation problem as a mixed-integer convex program, which we efficiently solve to optimality with an off-the-shelf branch and bound solver. We show that reasoning about object pose estimation in this way allows natural extension to point-to-mesh correspondence, multiple simultaneous object pose estimation, and outlier rejection without losing the ability to obtain a globally optimal solution. We probe the extent to which rich problem-specific formulations typically tackled with unreliable nonlinear optimization can be rigorously treated in a global optimization framework to overcome the limitations of other global pose estimation methods.



This material is based upon work supported by NSF Contract IIS-1427050, a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship under Grant No. 1122374, as well as support from ABB and Draper Laboratory.


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